Gainsborough Old Hall: The Most Complete Tudor Courtier House in England

Gainsborough Old Hall, in Lincolnshire, has been described by the renowned architectural historian, Anthony Emery, as the most complete courtier house of the period in England. It is a splendid monument to one man’s ambitions and accomplishment, across one of the most turbulent periods of English history. Furthermore, it became the home of Katherine Parr … Read more

Tattershall Castle and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Tattershall Castle

Cover image via Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Tanya Dedyukhina via Wikimedia Commons¬†Creative Commons¬†Attribution 3.0 Unported Tattershall Castle and its history are intertwined with that of one of its most famous owners, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, long-time boon companion of Henry VIII. He was an ever-present and ever-loyal intimate of the king. Across the centuries, … Read more