TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the ‘Live Like a Tudor Immersive Weekend’

Ticket Price Includes:

The cost of the weekend covers the following:

All activities during the weekend, held at the Old Hall, including talks.

Dinner on Friday, Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

Snacks and drinks while at the Old Hall.

Any event held at the Old Hall, such as Archery, Falconry, Dancing and Games.

The temporary use of any Tudor garments borrowed for the purposes of dressing up during the weekend.

Note: You must pay for your cost of travel to the location, your accommodation and refreshments while out and about on Saturday 20 August, separately.

Neither The Tudor Travel Guide nor TudorExperience.com will be held responsible for the safety of your person, or possessions, during the weekend. Care of both remains your responsibility under all circumstances.

The minimum booking age is 18 years.

Cancellation Policy:


Our visit to Kentwell is arranged and conducted independently from the property. While the High Summer event has run consistently at the same time of year for over 30 years, The Tudor Travel Guide cannot predict or control sudden, unexpected cancellations of the event, closures of the building, or parts of the building. The Tudor Travel Guide will check again in Spring 2022 when usually the dates of Kentwell have been confirmed for that season. If for any reason the High Summer, Tudor re-enactment event is moved, postponed or cancelled The Tudor Travel Guide will make every effort to offer a suitable alternative, such as a day trip to Blickling Hall, likely the birthplace of Anne Boleyn or reschedule the tour. However, this might not always be possible within your preferred timescale and the rescheduled dates might not suit everyone. In this instance, where it is not possible to reschedule, The Tudor Travel Guide will reimburse your money within seven working days of cancellation.


We will do everything we can to stick to our itinerary for the weekend. However, we are at the mercy of COVID these days and should a flare-up occur, and lockdown is imposed, meaning we have to cancel, our policy will be to offer a roll-over to another date. Similarly, COVID has greatly affected historic sites and should the Kentwell arrangements be changed, with either the event being cancelled or moved to another date, we will endeavour to offer an alternative experience, such as a visit to Blickling Hall, once the home of the Boleyns, or lay on more Tudor entertainment at the Old Hall if appropriate. If all else fails, we will offer a refund if we feel we cannot fulfil the spirit of the weekend by finding a suitable alternative experience. The decision on this will be entirely at the discretion of The Tudor Travel Guide and TudorExperience.com

Family Illness or Force Majeure

If The Tudor Travel Guide or TudorExperience.com have to cancel due to illness or family emergency, if it is possible to reschedule the event, this will be done. If it is not possible, 100% of the cost of the weekend will be refunded within five working days.

You may cancel your booking up to three months before the event date, 100% of the cost will be refunded. If you cancel with less than two months to go before the event date, costs incurred by both the Tudor Travel Guide and TudorExperience.com to that point will be deducted from the cost of your ticket and the balance refunded. If you cancel within one month of the event date, no refund will be given.

The weekend will generally go ahead no matter what the weather. Only extreme weather conditions will result in cancellation.

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