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Your Visitor’s Companion to the Houses, Castles and Manors of the Sixteenth Century

For every lover of Tudor history, there is a deep desire to connect with our Tudor heroes and heroines. We don’t just want to read about the lives of our sixteenth-century ancestors, we want to touch them, feel what it was like to walk in their shoes, and see things through their eyes. While the people are long gone, the places they visited and called home act like portals in time. Sometimes, when you visit a place it is as if you might literally pull back the veil that hides this world from the other; the walls whisper their secrets if you listen hard enough, while buildings and personal artefacts can exude an energy which has the power to move us deeply.

This is why I love Tudor buildings. For me, they are the closest thing we can get to a time machine. There have been many times when I have felt the presence of my Tudor heroines whilst visiting historic locations – and I have been left deeply moved by the experience. This is what I think we, as Tudor lovers, most crave – that felt sense of connection and the ability to touch the past.

Having written two books dedicated to recreating Tudor buildings as they were in the sixteenth century, I want to help you have that feeling of being as close as possible to the Tudor characters you most admire. With this in mind, The Tudor Travel Guide blog aims to help you build your own, trusty time machine, providing you with all the information to you need to see a building as it once was, with top tips on where to go and what to see, so that you can bring those places linked to the Tudor period to life. Here, you can be free to live in your imagination and meet your Tudor heroes with new eyes.

Are you ready to time travel? I post regularly, so you can expect new posts on most Saturday afternoons (UK time). So do check back regularly. I have so much to share with you. Let the adventure begin!

If you want to get going straight away, why not check out some of my most popular blog posts:

The first edition is now launched and contains a suggested travel itinerary, which will take you to some amazing Tudor locations – some well known, some less well known. This free give-away contains information on the history of 3 stunning locations associated with the Boleyn family; Pashley Manor, Hever Castle and Penshurst Place. There will be a mini-guided tour where appropriate, highlighting notable Tudor features, as well as things to look out for and ‘must-sees’. There is also a ‘historic walk’ which outlines a walk across the Kentish countryside from Hever to Penshurst, as well as two accommodation recommendations; one luxury, one luxury for less.

So why wait. Subscribe and download your FREE 23-page mini-guide and get planning your next Tudor road trip.

Introducing ‘The Tudor Travel Guide’

My name is Sarah Morris. I live here, in England, in the picturesque Oxfordshire countryside. I have been enthralled by the Tudors since I was a child, learning about them at school and spending many happy weekends and holidays touring historic properties with my parents.

In 2010, I began writing my first Tudor novel; Le Temps Viendra; a Novel of Anne Boleyn. This was published in 2012, followed closely thereafter by two non-fiction books; In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn and In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII. I was also recently featured in A Tale of Two Sisters on Yesterday TV (UK Only), as the ‘Boleyn expert’, talking about the relationship between Anne and Mary Boleyn.

If you wish to learn more about my books and mini-guides or to purchase them, you can find them in the Tudor Travel Guide Shop, where you can buy signed copies, with a personal inscription or via The Tudor Market Place (found in the right-hand toolbar). Of course, all books and digital miniguides are available on Amazon US and other, major online retailers.

Finally, check out the video above for a personal introduction to The Tudor Travel Guide, and what I hope this site will do for you in helping you follow your Tudor passions.

Do introduce yourself in the comments section below. It’s a great pleasure to build this community of Tudor time travellers!


23 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Cathy says:

    Looking forward to the guide. Also, so excited to be visiting Hever, for the first time ever, later this year. Loved reading Le Temps Viendra Vols I and II, captivated and could not put them down.

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Thank you for your lovely feedback Cathy. You will love Hever and this guide will be perfect for you.

    2. Allan Brecken ( fine Scottish name) says:

      Ann, I’m located in Greenwich Connecticut, a Town that is a treasure-trove of traditional domestic architecture of the highest quality, and is located on the waters of Long Island Sound, only 25 miles from mid-town Manhattan. Greenwich and near-by towns possess the finest “collection” of Tudor houses in the U.S. The most notable Tudor architect was Lewis Bowman, and one of his achievements was a manor-house on Old Mill Road in Greenwich , recentely owned by Mel Gibson. The web-site is “Old Mill Farms” I became friendly with a very prominent Greenwich architect, Douglas Vanderhorn , who recently designed a authentic Tudor house in the very exclusive “Khakum Wood” section of Greenwich. Please “visit” his web-site and view his “portfolio”. BTW, Doug’s wife Maria was my infusion nurse. I have two Garner and Stratton volumes ,pub. 1911 , titled “The domestic architecture of England in the Tudor period. I’m SO pleased to have found you website.

      P.S.; have you time for tea”?

      Allan Brecken , Greenwich Connecticut

      1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

        Hi Allan, Thank you for being part of the community here. Well, we certainly share some common ground. I just LOVE Tudor houses. There will be plenty of stuff for you to read about here. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing more from you. Do make sure you subscribe to get info on all the latest blogs, news, events etc Best wishes, Sarah

      2. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

        PPS Always have time for tea! : )

  2. Jennifer Egan says:

    I’m so excited to read it thank you!!

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      I hope it inspires!

  3. Deanna says:

    Hello. I will be traveling from Houston, Texas. Looking for info to plan a 2 week vacation. Excited to see there is a travel guide to help plan.

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Great! That sounds exciting. Well if you are interested in Tudor history and the Boleyns, this will be a perfect weekend as part of your overall holiday.

  4. Sumone says:

    Love all things Tudor! So far in Kent I’ve explored Hever & Ightham, which were both beautiful. Looking forward to new places in this guide

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      They are lovely! Hopefully, now you will have two more to add to your list : ) Happy time travelling!

  5. Dawn Sampays says:

    Can’t wait.. Nearly September x

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      It seems to have been a long time coming! Very excited here too : ) Thanks for your sharing your enthusiasm

  6. Hannah Young says:

    Hi Sarah. We are in a school just down the road from you and are currently studying the Tudors. We will be re-enacting Anne Boleyn’s trial in a ‘Case Reopened’. One of our parents pointed out your blog and we were wondering if we could get in touch with you or whether you’d like to visit. Look forward to hearing from you, Hannah

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Yes please do get in touch

  7. Cathy says:

    I would love to be part of your Tudor group.
    My favourite blogs are the ones on Anne Boleyn and Hampton Court.
    Future blogs ao Anne Boleyn and anything about Henry’s early years.

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Hi Cathy! Thanks for being in touch. Can you email me at sarah@thetudortravelguide and let me know a little more about why you like the blogs and particular locations you’d like to read more about? Thanks!

  8. Lisa Perlbinder says:

    Hi. Do you have a guide for Hampton court?

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Hello! Currently the guide to Hampton Court is one of the 3 locations covered in the ‘Your Tudor Weekend Away…in London – summer edition’. Next year I may just do a single location, day out guide as it is such a popular spot! I hope that helps. Sarah

  9. Lynette says:

    Hello, Sarah
    You need no introduction from me! So lovely to see you and hear from you again x

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Hey Lynette, I saw you had just subscribed and thought, ‘well that is a familiar name!’ So good to hear from you again. I think a few people I haven’t heard from for a while are catching up with me in this new incarnation! Hope to hear more from you soon. Sarah x

  10. Jenny Hennegar says:

    I have read both of your books TWICE! I just found this site incidentally while planning my trip to England and was pleasantly surprised that the site belonged to the author. I’m excited to plan my own tour of Tudor England specifically Ann Boleyn and I hope to find great tips here!

    I’ll be travelling from the USA.

    1. The Tudor Travel Guide says:

      Hi Jenny! How lovely to see you here. Thanks for coming by. Feel free to email me with any questions. There are also guides / tours available (and that I am gradually building up) in the Tudor Travel Guide shop. There is also ‘The Tudor Travel Show’ podcasts and the accompanying FB group The Tudor Travel Show: Hitting the Road. It’s only a small group atm but passing on tips and asking questions about travel was always my intention for the group. When are you due to travel?

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