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I believe that it is only time and not space that separates us from the past.

This belief is why I am passionate about Tudor places. My mission is to help you immerse yourself in the sixteenth century by weaving stories of people and events into the places in which they unfolded. Let’s go time travelling together!

P.S. I love exploring my Tudor history with a serving of tea & cake!

Mastering the Art of Time Travel…

My Story:

Over the years, I realised that after visiting certain Tudor places, I had missed some important element of the place’s history or perhaps there was a historic site nearby that I had missed altogether. It was so frustrating!

Then something amazing happened. Back in 2010, when I was writing my first book about Anne Boleyn, a whole new world opened up in my imagination. For the first time, I learned about the great power houses of the sixteenth century; how the rooms were used and flowed from one to another and what life actually was like in a Tudor palace. I could see everything in vivid detail and I was finally able to place important Tudor events in the places in which they occurred; it was revelatory and so uplifting! This rich and detailed understanding helped me to more deeply connect with the past. I now know how to make the most of any virtual or physical journey into our Tudor past. In short, I have mastered the art of time travelling like a pro

Some of my favourites

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My weekend immersion is run in conjunction with Brigitte Webster from TudorExperience.com

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