The Tudor Travel Guide:
A Tudor History Influencer

Spread your message by tapping into a global audience of Tudor history lovers who are passionate about visiting heritage locations across the UK.

Our Audience Demographics…



Circa 60-70% Women (Depending on the platform)


Prevalent Age Range

40-65 years old



Circa 45% UK and 45% US. The remaining 10% is from Australasia and ROW.

How Can We Help You?

Do You Have a Heritage Location You’d Like Us To Showcase?

  • A series of Instagram and Tiktok short-form reels focusing on the property and/or its treasures.
  • Long-form videos telling more in-depth stories of the location in question.
  • An on-location podcast episode connecting Tudor lovers around the world to the story of your heritage location(s).
  • A detailed blog (minimum 1000 words) bringing the Tudor history of your property or collection to life.
  • Guest blogs to be posted on The Tudor Travel Guide blog.

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Our Vital Statistics…

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The Key To Our Success…

We help people learn about Tudor and sixteenth-century history through the lens of the places where those stories unfolded.

As a Tudor history influencer, The Tudor Travel Guide is one of the leading brands focusing solely on encouraging people to learn about and visit places steeped in sixteenth-century history, both in the UK and across Renaissance Europe. We do that by bringing our followers well-researched details about the places in the spotlight and weaving those details into colourful stories that engage the imagination.

We believe that when you visit a heritage site, ‘It is only time and not space that separates us from the past‘, and so we strongly encourage people to hit the road to explore the castles, manors and houses of the Tudor age in person.

Through the content we create, our BIG aim is to produce the most comprehensive guide in this niche, serving our Tudor history-loving community for years to come.

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