The Memorialisation of Mary Queen of Scots: The Making of an Icon

This blog is adapted from an interview, recorded for my podcast, The Tudor History & Travel Show. Our historian is Dr Steven Reid, Senior Lecturer in Scottish History at the University of Glasgow. He specialises in the intellectual, political and religious history of Scotland between c.1450 and c.1650, with a strong interest in Mary Queen of Scots … Read more

The Tudor Progress: The Royal Court on the Move

The summer, Tudor progress was a near annual event in the royal, Tudor calendar. If a Tudor king or queen wanted to show themselves to the people and connect with their subjects throughout the kingdom, they needed to travel, and travel they did, moving regularly, whether for political reasons, to hunt, for pleasure or necessity. … Read more

9 Key Features of a Tudor Palace

Have you ever found yourself visiting a Tudor property wanting to know more about the layout of the rooms; why they are arranged the way they are? Is there a certain sequence and what does that say about the way a wealthy Tudor lived in the sixteenth century? Well, that answer is yes, there is … Read more