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To Charles Brandon, Katherine of Aragon was simply ‘the most obstinate woman that may be’. Having been discarded by her second husband, Henry VIII, she was cast into exile, being moved from one property to another, understandably much to Katherine’s chagrin. The penultimate of these was Buckden Palace on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fens. …

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When Henry VIII fought openly with his wife at the trial of Blackfriars, he sought to undermine her story that she came to his bed as a virgin. One famous testimony recounted how Arthur had emerged from the couple’s bedchamber in the Bishop of London’s Palace on the morning following their wedding, exclaiming that he …

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In the run up to the release of the TV series, The Spanish Princess, we have an opportunity to delve into the real life story of Katherine of Aragon by following in her footsteps, as she prepares to fulfill her destiny and marry Arthur, Prince of Wales at the cathedral of Old St Paul’s in …

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