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Sometimes I get ridiculously fixated on knowing more about a lost Tudor building; it gets under my skin and won’t leave me alone until I have researched and written about it. There are a few on my list, including Margaret Beaufort’s ‘Collyweston’; William Cecil’s ‘Theobalds’ and Baynard’s Castle in London. Then there is one more; …

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Tattershall Castle

Cover image via Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Tanya Dedyukhina   Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, long-time boon companion of Henry VIII cuts a dashing figure; ever present, ever loyal and one of the few of Henry’s intimates that lived to die a natural death. Across the centuries, he intrigues; the commoner who rose to be …

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In early 1515, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, did the unthinkable; he married Henry VIII’s younger sister, Mary Tudor, without the King’s permission. Mary was the Dowager Queen of France, recently widowed following the death of her husband, King Louis XII, just three short months after their marriage. After her marriage to  Charles Brandon, the …

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