Suffolk Place: Tudor Southwark’s Des-Res

Sometimes I get ridiculously fixated on knowing more about a lost Tudor building; it gets under my skin and won’t leave me alone until I have researched and written about it. There are a few on my list, including Margaret Beaufort’s ‘Collyweston’; William Cecil’s ‘Theobalds’ and Baynard’s Castle in London. Then there is one more; … Read more

Tattershall Castle and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Tattershall Castle

Cover image via Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Tanya Dedyukhina via Wikimedia Commons¬†Creative Commons¬†Attribution 3.0 Unported Tattershall Castle and its history are intertwined with that of one of its most famous owners, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, long-time boon companion of Henry VIII. He was an ever-present and ever-loyal intimate of the king. Across the centuries, … Read more