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Tomorrow marks the day when an English queen was executed on charges that were almost certainly entirely fabricated. She joined her five co-accused in death at the hands of the swordsman from Calais. Her name was Anne Boleyn. In this article, we are honouring her memory in a slightly unusual blog. I invite you to …

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The Donjon at Briis Sous-Forges

This is the story of a legend. It concerns Anne Boleyn; a woman who in so many ways remains an enigma, despite the huge amount of interest in her life. One such mystery is wrapped around her time spent in France, where legend states that Anne stayed in the Ch√Ęteau de Hurepoix, in Briis-sous-Forges, just …

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Easter is upon us; it is a time of rebirth and celebration. But in Tudor terms, what springs to mind for you when you think of Easter? For me, well, I immediately think of Greenwich Palace. For it was at Greenwich Palace that Anne Boleyn was first publicly presented as queen, at Easter, on the …

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