Hampton Court Palace – Henry VIII’s Lost Apartments

Have you ever visited Hampton Court Palace, the Mecca for any Tudor time traveller? Maybe not yet, but you dream of it. Maybe you have; and if that is the case, I bet most of you will have walked straight past some of the most intriguing features of the original, Tudor palace without even being … Read more

A Day in the Life of…Henry VIII’s Laundress

Welcome to 1538! We so often read about the lives of the Tudor nobility, but what goes on below stairs? Who would we meet and what were their lives like? Are you as curious as I was to find out? By popular demand, I got myself an invitation to the court to meet Mistress Anne … Read more

Peterborough Cathedral: A Glimpse of Heaven, by Jonathan Foyle

For Tudor time travellers, the burial sites of each of Henry VIII’s consorts are places of pilgrimage. One such place is Peterborough Cathedral, where the body of Henry’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon, rests in perpetuity. Peterborough is just 43 minutes north of London’s King’s Cross station, en route to York and Edinburgh. If you … Read more

The Anne of Cleves’ Panels – the Missing Evidence is Revealed!

I know you love a good Tudor mystery, particularly when that mystery involves the potential uncovering of a genuine ‘new’ Tudor artefact, one whose provenance was lost for nearly 500 years. This is the case with the Anne of Cleves Panels. In 2016, when Natalie Grueninger and I released our second ‘In the Footsteps’ book, … Read more

The Life of Anne Boleyn – When the Ordinary Feels Extraordinary!

On 19th May, we remember Anne Boleyn. As a lover of Tudor history, you will know all about the dramatic events that so defined Anne’s tragic end. But what about the life of Anne Boleyn? For me, the 19 May is a day to celebrate that life, and whilst her extraordinary story has often been … Read more

9 Key Features of a Tudor Palace

Have you ever found yourself visiting a Tudor property wanting to know more about the layout of the rooms; why they are arranged the way they are? Is there a certain sequence and what does that say about the way a wealthy Tudor lived in the sixteenth century? Well, that answer is yes, there is … Read more

Anne Boleyn’s Execution: The Surprising Truth

How does the run-up to 19 May and Anne Boleyn’s execution make you feel? Having celebrated the joyful anniversary of her proclamation as queen at Greenwich on Easter day in 1533, the mood turns. Those of us loyal to this most courageous of women are plunged into sadness as the countdown begins to her execution. … Read more

The Lost Tomb of Henry VIII: Harry and Meghan Walk Over Royal Bones

Today we explore the strange story of the royal tomb of one of the most famous monarchs in Tudor history: King Henry VIII, whose body was laid to rest in St George’s Chapel at Windsor castle. It was meant to be a grand monument to the man with a gargantuan ego that nobody, it seems, … Read more

Chelsea Old Church – ‘Discovering Tudor London’, by Natalie Grueninger

Did you know that 2.4 million people visit The Tower of London each year? That is a lot of people! Of course, somewhere like the Tower is one of the ‘must see’ places on every Tudor time traveller’s list. However, as wonderful and evocative as the Tower is, believe me, if you haven’t visited in … Read more

Kenilworth Castle – An Elizabethan Ode to Love

Kenilworth Castle

Were Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, lovers? Now there’s a question that ignites a passionate debate. Whilst we will probably never know the truth of the extent of their physical relationship, no one would argue that through life, and even in death, they shared an unbreakable bond. Perhaps nowhere is more evocative … Read more