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If you love reading about Tudor places, then my blog is the perfect place to indulge your passion for Tudor History

My blogs are thoroughly researched and dive deep into the architectural and social history of places steeped in Tudor history. If you love details and finding out things you didn’t know before, then my original blogs are perfect for dissolving time and allowing you to immerse yourself in the past.

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If watching videos helps you lose yourself in the past, then hit the road with me over on my YouTube Channel.

Whenever I head out on the road to explore Tudor places, as often as possible, I capture the magic of the place on video. I love to tell stories of the people associated with these locations, and the events that took place there, through the lens of the building in question. If you want to see your Tudor history through a different perspective join me over on my YouTube channel.

If you love listen to podcasts, tune into The Tudor History & Travel Show.

Discover the many and varied stories of intriguing Tudor places through my ‘on location’ podcasts.

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