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How would you like to explore a Tudor time-capsule? Kenninghall is one such place, even though there is little left to see today and the time capsule must exist only in your mind’s eye. However, once upon a time, it was the principal country residence of the mighty Howard family, including its head, Thomas Howard, …

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There is a cornucopia of delights in store for you at The Tudor Travel Guide in 2020. If 2019 was busy – hold onto your seats because the next 12 months are going to blow our collective Tudor socks off! Read on to find out about a number of unmissable Tudor Events in 2020. Please …

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The Yule Log at Hever Castle

This week I am revisiting Hever Castle in Kent, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. I went along on a very chilly winter’s evening, by special invitation, to see Hever Castle dressed for Christmas. We are going to go inside to meet with Owen Emerson, House Manager at Hever, and hear all about some very …

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Leicester Abbey

Thomas Wolsey was a lucky man. Accused of treason, he narrowly avoided Henry VIII’s ‘justice’ on the scaffold and instead died of natural causes at Leicester Abbey on 29 November 1530. Earlier that month, Henry VIII’s once all-powerful minister had been arrested on charges of high treason at his archepiscopal palace of Cawood, near York. …

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The Ruins of Sheffield Manor

In the story of Wolsey’s final days on Earth, Sheffield Manor (situated in Sheffield Park) is a pivotal location. It would later become famous as one of the prisons used to house Mary, Queen of Scots, during her protracted incarceration in England. However, in our story, it was at Sheffield Manor that the very first …

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