Terms and Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions:

The cost of the tour covers the tour itself. You must pay for your cost of travel to the location, parking, site entry ticket and any other incidentals separately.

The Tudor Travel Guide will not be held responsible for the safety of your person, or possessions, during the tour. Care of both remains your responsibility under all circumstances.

Minimum booking age is 18 years.

Cancellation Policy:

All tours are arranged and conducted independently from Hever Castle. While I have checked that there are due to be no closures or special events at the castle on the date of your tour, The Tudor Travel Guide cannot predict or control sudden, unexpected closures of the building, or parts of the building. The Tudor Travel Guide will check again, the day before the tour is scheduled. If for any reason the building is closed at very short notice, The Tudor Travel Guide will make every effort to reschedule the tour. However, this might not always be possible within your preferred timescale. In this instance, where it is not possible to reschedule, The Tudor Travel Guide will reimburse your money within five working days of cancellation.

If the Tudor Travel Guide has to cancel due to illness or family emergency, if it is possible to reschedule your tour, this will be done. If it is not possible, 100% of the cost of the tour will be refunded within five working days.

You may cancel your tour up to one month before the scheduled tour date, 100% of the cost will be refunded. If you cancel up to 2 weeks beforehand, 50% of the cost of the tour will be refunded. If you cancel within two weeks of your scheduled tour date, no refund will be given.

Tours will generally go ahead no matter what the weather. Only extreme weather conditions will result in cancellation.

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