Tattershall Castle and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Tattershall Castle

Cover image via Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Tanya Dedyukhina via Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Tattershall Castle and its history are intertwined with that of one of its most famous owners, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, long-time boon companion of Henry VIII. He was an ever-present and ever-loyal intimate of the king. Across the centuries, … Read more

Framlingham Castle, Suffolk: A Tudor Stronghold

To stand in the centre of Framlingham Castle, surrounded by its nearly 900-year-old walls, is to stand in the place where a renewed Catholic era dawned over England. For it was here, in July 1553, that the Lady Mary learnt that she had been accepted as rightful queen, following the death of her younger brother, … Read more

West Stow Hall, Suffolk

West Stow Hall is a beautiful, early, Tudor manor house in Suffolk, England. Associated with Mary Tudor, Queen of France, it is now a B&B and is a perfect place to stay if you are touring Suffolk and love staying in historic properties.

Is your idea of the perfect weekend get-away staying in a charming Tudor manor house, full of original features, nestled deep in the peaceful, English countryside and within reach of several fabulous, historic, Tudor properties? Would you like to wake up in the morning to bird song, a stroll around a pretty English garden before … Read more

The City Palace of Düsseldorf: The Early Years of Anne of Cleves

The City Palace of Dusseldorf, birthplace of Anne of Cleves

How well do you think you know Anne of Cleves? We know all about her fated first meeting with Henry VIII, her short tenure as queen and the quick divorce that followed. But what about her character? Who was Anne of Cleves and can we get just that little bit closer to knowing the woman … Read more

Hampton Court Palace – Henry VIII’s Lost Apartments

This post contains some affiliate links Have you ever visited Hampton Court Palace, the Mecca for any Tudor time traveller? Maybe not yet, but you dream of it. Maybe you have; and if that is the case, I bet most of you will have walked straight past some of the most intriguing features of the … Read more

A Day in the Life of…Henry VIII’s Laundress

Welcome to 1538! We so often read about the lives of the Tudor nobility, but what goes on below stairs? Who would we meet and what were their lives like? Are you as curious as I was to find out? By popular demand, I got myself an invitation to the court to meet Mistress Anne … Read more

Peterborough Cathedral: A Glimpse of Heaven, by Jonathan Foyle

For Tudor time travellers, the burial sites of each of Henry VIII’s consorts are places of pilgrimage. One such place is Peterborough Cathedral, where the body of Henry’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon, rests in perpetuity. Peterborough is just 43 minutes north of London’s King’s Cross station, en route to York and Edinburgh. If you … Read more

The Anne of Cleves’ Panels – the Missing Evidence is Revealed!

I know you love a good Tudor mystery, particularly when that mystery involves the potential uncovering of a genuine ‘new’ Tudor artefact, one whose provenance was lost for nearly 500 years. This is the case with the Anne of Cleves Panels. In 2016, when Natalie Grueninger and I released our second ‘In the Footsteps’ book, … Read more