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Tudor Time Travel at Your Fingertips – A New Tudor Travel Inspired Collection is to be Launched Soon…


Have you ever visited a Tudor property and had a nagging feeling that you were missing something? Perhaps you know something of the place, and the people who lived there, but the details elude you? Without knowing where to look for the ‘hidden gems’, or perhaps knowing little about the characters that passed through its doors, your visit can feel a little colourless. If you have ever felt that way, then believe me, we know how you feel!  Now, wouldn’t it be great to have all you need for your Tudor time travel at your fingertips?



Tudor Time Travel at Your Fingertips

Sarah, your Tudor Travel Guide in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace.


“Have you ever wished that someone would just come along and take all the guesswork away from visiting your favourite Tudor places?

Sarah, The Tudor Travel Guide



I recently sent out a survey asking what readers wanted from the site – and from The Tudor Travel Guide. There were requests for more great blogs on well-known – and less well-known – Tudor places. Don’t worry, there will be many, many more of those for you to enjoy reading over the coming months! I can’t wait to lift the veil on these places and explore them with you.


Many of you have also contacted us to say how much you would love to be able to have tours available to guide you round your favourite Tudor properties, so you might explore all those nooks and crannies, making sure you don’t miss a thing! Well, it is as a result of those requests that The Tudor Travel Guide Collection was created!



The Tudor Travel Guide Collection – ‘Forged by History, Designed for You.’


This, new online store will be the answer to those Tudor dreams. Currently, FOUR collections are in the making. There will be:


Mini-travel guides: The ‘A Tudor Weekend Series‘ launches its second edition next week, just in time for Christmas. Each guide is designed specifically to craft a fun-filled, Tudor-themed, weekend itinerary in some very well-known – and some much less well-known – locations. Each place is described in its own, detailed article, drawing attention to all the relevant Tudor history and artefacts associated with the building; for outdoor (and dog) lovers alike, there is an ‘historic walk’, which takes in one or more of the Tudor properties highlighted in the mini-guide, as well as two accommodation recommendations.




Tudor Time Travel at Your Fingertips

A Tudor Weekend Away…in London – Christmas Edition



There are also often other seasonal tips about getting around and making the most of your visit. So, whether you intend to visit in person, or just want to learn more about the places in question from your favourite armchair, these beautifully, designed, full-colour mini-guides will delight you.


Audio-Guides: For those of you who want a more immersive experience, in the near future, The Tudor Travel Guide will be launching the first of its audio-guides. Again, these will take you on a tour of some of the best known Tudor locations in the country, but this time your narrator will take you back to a specific time in the history of the property. We will recreate the place as it would have looked, talk about the events unfolding there, and perhaps meet some characters along the way. What fun!


In-Person Tours: Our aim will also be to offer half day and weekend tours for you to visit a select number of priceless Tudor locations. The half day tours will be led by The Tudor Travel Guide, giving the full-on, interactive Tudor experience. There will be lots of opportunity to do what we Tudor lovers adore doing – ‘talking Tudors’ with your personal guide.




Tudor Time Travel at Your Fingertips

Go on tour with The Tudor Travel Guide!



Alternatively, you might want to take a weekend break and sample what it might be like to live like a Tudor, or go on part of Henry VIII’s and Anne Boleyn’s 1535 progress? These will be open for booking soon. So, do these possibilities get your juices flowing? We hope so, as we are very excited to be on the verge of making some of your Tudor dreams come true.


Books and E-books: For those of you who love your reading and want to dive really deep into the realm of Tudor locations and Tudor progresses, our selection of books, co-authored with Natalie Grueninger will be right up your street. The ‘In the Footsteps‘ books are a unique collection that bring together people and events and set them in context of the buildings – the places – which giants of the Tudor age visited, or called home – and where some of the most historic events of the Tudor age unfolded.




Tudor Time Travel at Your Fingertips

‘In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII’ – one of the books in The Tudor Travel Guide Collection



Places link us in a direct and physical way to the past, and the ‘In the Footsteps’ books are your ultimate visitor’s companion to exploring them for yourself.



The Tudor Travel Guide Collection…Coming Soon!


We hope that all this has got your mind buzzing, and your juices flowing, with endless possibilities for indulging your Tudor passions and learning so much more about the places you love to read about and visit. If you LOVE Tudor history, and whether you want to learn more about these places from the comfort of your home, or you are ready to get planning your next Tudor adventure in time, then The Tudor Travel Guide Collection is for you. Stay tuned for the launch of the collection, which will be coming very soon...



Tudor Time Travel at Your Fingertips

Enjoy your Tudor adventure with a fellow Tudorphile!



PS Perhaps you know someone who shares your passion – make sure you share the news. After all, there is only one thing more fun that visiting your favourite Tudor locations – and that’s doing it with a friend or partner who is equally nutty about Tudor history! Here’s me with my favourite partner in time travel – Natalie Grueninger from On the Tudor Trail – on one of our many Tudor adventures. Share the Tudor love now!


Until next time!


The Tudor Travel Guide



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