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In this section, I will be posting specifically about books that guide us through historic England, be they about the locations themselves, or historic walks that lead us through the dreamy English countryside; across its patchwork fields, through quaint villages, amidst ancient churches and across village greens, from one historic gem to the next.


Clearly, being the author of two books that weave into them a strong focus on travelling form one historic location to another, it is not hard to see I am a fan of books which point the way to hidden treasures and allow us to delve more deeply into the places we encounter along the way. in my love of walking along England’s many cross-country footpaths with my beloved dog, Milly, and voilĂ ! As far as I am concerned you have the perfect recipe for a great day or weekend away.



Write for this Page


So, on this page, I’ll be sharing with you my favourite books in this genre and featuring guest authors, who have written books on the topic. Perhaps you have a favourite yourself and want to do a short write up. Do get in touch and let me know

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