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Perhaps once in a lifetime – if you are lucky – you have the chance to say you were part of discovering a new Tudor artefact. But that is exactly what has happened during the course of researching ‘In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII’, (due to be published by Amberley Publishing on 15th March in the UK, and on the 10th May in the US). You can, of course, read about the whole story in the book, but I wanted to give you all a heads up that the discovery will be revealed this coming Saturday 5th March, when it is being covered in at least one major newspapers here in the UK.

Part of the team that we assembled to look into the true provenance of the artefact included architectural historian, Jonathan Foyle. He has writen an article that will be in the FT (Interiors). Do look out for it!


Jonathan Foyle

   We are really excited to be able to finally reveal the story, which was one of incredible synchroncity – and those synchronicities you will be able to read about in our forthcoming blog tour, which starts on 15th March. More details on that will follow very shortly. I look forward to hearing all your feedback.



3 thoughts on “A New Tudor Artefact to be Revealed

  1. Pat says:

    Just can’t wait! So excited!

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Pat! Hope you enjoy readin about it.

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