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So with this new venture underway, I have been thinking about how to best make use of ‘This Sceptred Isle’. Historically, I have always seen blogs as a place where ‘articles’ are posted. With time at a premium, that was one of the upsides to FB; a quick way and effective way to keep in touch. However, I have such a love for historic sites and English culture that I’d also like to write something a little more substantial from time to time, so I can share that love with you all. As a result, I have decided on a hybrid. Some of my posts will be more ‘Facebook like’ in there informal chattiness. Other times I will be writing those articles about historic houses and my travels around historic England. I hope you enjoy the blend.

In the meantime, now Christmas is behind us, I have thinking about the release of the new book. Natalie and I will writing articles, sharing snippets from our adventures and discoveries both before and after its launch (which is currently planned for around March / April). So I wanted to ask you, which web sites and / or magazines do you turn to for all your Tudor news. I’d like to know what’s hot right now!



Me in London’s Guidhall, 2014.

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