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Dr Sarah A. Morris, Author, Blogger and all round lover of historic England.

   Many of you will already know me as the author of three Tudor related books; the first being a novel, published by Spartan Publishing in two volumes, called Le Temps Viendra:a novel of Anne Boleyn, and the second a non-fiction guide book, published by Amberley Publishing that I co-authored with Australian born Natalie Grueninger, called In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn.

Le Temps Viendra: a novel of Anne Boleyn, Volumes I & II            Image

In so many ways, the enthusiasm for writing both these books stemmed from my almost life-long love affair with England and its history – and with Tudor history, and Anne, in particular. In both cases, my aim as a writer has been to Make.History.Real and so the research process has been thorough and meticulous, taking me in search of this erstwhile queen and the glittering Tudor court that she came to call home. It was an exhilarating adventure, setting out to cover great swathes of southern England and France in search of this most enigmatic and captivating of women. During the summer months of my childhood, I spent almost every weekend with my parents visiting historic houses and castles in my native North Yorkshire. I never tired of their splendour and the ghostly voices that whispered to me of lost lives and endless intrigue. And here I was again, my passions rekindled, relishing every piece of the jigsaw that I was able to slot into place as, little by little, I brought Anne back to life in my imagination.


The author with my faithful travelling companion during a visit to Painswick, Gloucestershire on the trail of Anne Boleyn, in 2013.

As I travelled over many hundreds of miles, to ruined castles, majestic houses, lost towns and regal palaces, I shared my journey with my loyal Facebook fans, enjoying the process of sharing, almost as much as the delicious pleasure that new discoveries bring.  And so, as I begin researching the new book by Natalie and I, In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII, and as my love affair with ‘This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle…This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England‘ continues, I find myself compelled to start this eponymous blog. In it, I will share my journeys through the historic landscape of England and beyond, in the hope that I can inspire others to keep our unique, and oh so precious, cultural heritage alive.

I’d love to share whatever treasures await us, hidden in amongst our green rolling pastures and bustling towns. Do make sure you subscribe to keep abreast with the next journey. All that remains is for me to wish you, bon voyage. Let our adventures begin!


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